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Welcome to Victoria Garden.

Victoria Garden is based in Redding, CA. Lots of practical garden info and photos from a Redding gardener for all other Redding (CA) gardeners. I created the garden inspired by the English garden tradition, which has its roots in time of Queen Victoria. It is a colorful garden fully packed with plants, with different colors, textures and heights, but completely adapted to local conditions. A drip irrigation system, necessary to survive the long hot summer, makes it a water wise garden. It's a diverse garden where all kind of plants like natives, annuals, grasses, bulbs, roses and drought tolerant plants found a home. This website is set up to give all gardeners around Redding inspiration to go out in their gardens and enjoy gardening.

Everybody is invited contribute to this website, with articles, pictures or remarks. Just mail to: barbara@kapsenbergdesign. com.

Barbara Kapsenberg